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Le risposte della Chiesa alle sfide lanciate dal fenomeno migratorio vengono elaborate sulla base delle situazioni particolari che si generano a partire dai diversi flussi.

La Sezione Migranti e Rifugiati ha chiesto ad alcuni esperti di elaborare dei profili migratori per ogni paese del mondo al fine di offrire uno strumento di consultazione scientifico e snello alle Chiese locali e agli altri attori cattolici impegnati nella pastorale della mobilità umana. Per ogni singolo stato vengono riportati dati e informazioni sulle migrazioni internazionali e interne, sul quadro giuridico nazionale e sui principali attori impegnati nel settore.

Trattandosi di un lavoro lungo e dispendioso, non tutti i dati sono al momento disponibili. Consigliamo di visitare frequentemente questa pagine per verificare gli eventuali aggiornamenti.


Ukraine (603,600 sq. km) is a country with a long history and tradition located in Eastern Europe, divided into 24 Provinces and the capital Kyiv, which has special status. It is a middle-income country, with a significant output in agriculture and food products, as well as a strong industrial base.


Syria has been experiencing a state of war involving a multitude of internal and external factors since 2011.


Situated between the Holy Land and Syria, Lebanon is riddled with deeply rooted political instability, and highly impacted by the devastating fiscal, economic, monetary, and sanitary crises.


Iraq has experienced long periods of war throughout its short existence, and especially during the past few decades.


Georgia (69,700 sq km) is located in the Caucasus region of Eurasia and has a population of 3,716,900 (2020) that is mainly urbanized, with 58% of that population residing in the capital, Tbilisi. The major ethnic groups include: Georgian (86.6%), Azeri (6.3%), Armenian (4.5%), Russian and Yezidi (2.3%).


Albania is a parliamentary republic located on the Balkan Peninsula. The country has been an official candidate for accession to the European Union since 2014 with negotiations initiated in March 2020.


Austria is a federal parliamentary republic located in central Europe and one of the founding countries of the European Union. With a per capita GDP of USD 53,481.76 (of which 71% is the tertiary sector) and an HDI of 0.908, it ranks as one of the richest European countries.


Belgium is a federal state, governed by a parliamentary monarchy. It is a member and one of the founding states of the European Union; Brussels, its capital city, hosts the headquarters of several Community institutions.

Bosnia ed Erzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina, formerly part of Yugoslavia (until 1992), is now a federal parliamentary republic in the Western Balkans, with a capital in Sarajevo and a population of 3.32 million (with a growth rate of -0.17%) in 2018.


Cyprus is an island in the eastern Mediterranean to the south of the Anatolian peninsula. It is divided de facto into two parts: the Greek Orthodox-majority Republic of Cyprus (59% of the territory), and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (36%), with a Muslim population; there is a buffer zone between the two.


The Republic of Hungary, a parliamentary republic, is a member of the European Union, NATO, OSCE and the Visegrád Group (V4), and has been a member of the Schengen Agreement since 2004. It has an area of 93,030 km2 and has a continental climate.


The Republic of Indonesia is now the world's fourth most populous democracy, with an estimated 262,787,403 people (July 2018), and the largest Muslim-majority nation. At 87.2%, Islam is the dominant religion while 7% are Protestant and 3.33% are Roman Catholic.


Myanmar or Burma is the most multilingual and ethnically and religiously diverse country in South-East Asia. The population of 54,409,800 inhabitants (July 2020, est.) of this lower middle-income least developed country is composed of 135 ethnicities, while its five main religions are: Theravada Buddhism 89.2%, Christianity 5.0%, Islam 3.5%, Hinduism 0.5%, and Spiritualism 1.2%.


The Kingdom of Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country which has never been colonized by a European power. The head of state is King Wachiralongkon while the head of Government is Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha.