Situazioni di emergenza Sudan (emergenza)

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Sudan hosts 1.12 million refugees, one of the largest refugee populations in Africa. Recently, it saw new displacements from Ethiopia, South Sudan and within Sudan. South Sudanese refugees represent more than 70% (800,000) of the refugees in Sudan, followed by 126,000 Eritrean refugees (11%).

Since the outbreak of violence in Ethiopia’s Tigray region in November 2020, Sudan has welcomed and assisted 72,406 Ethiopian refugees and asylum seekers, hosted both in East Sudan and Blue Nile State. The presence of armed forces in the western Tigray, makes it difficult for forcibly-displaced people from Ethiopia to flee to Sudan. 

Sudan also counts more than 3 million internally displaced persons, mostly in the Darfur region, which has experienced a volatile security situation for almost two decades.

As the Holy Father urged when speaking about the internal conflict affecting Sudan, South Sudan and Ethiopia, a “path of reconciliation and peace” is needed,  “through a forthright encounter that places the needs of the people above all else.”


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