It is not just about migrants. It is about the whole person and all people.

promotion of each individual Migrants and Refugees

It is not just about migrants. It is about the whole person and all people.

The World Day of Migrants and Refugees (WDMR), on 29 September 2019, will soon be here. On this occasion, Pope Francis will celebrate a Holy Mass in Rome, in the Vatican, and asks us to join him with the slogan: “It is not just about migrants”. This invitation is open to all, and, if you are in Rome, we would be very happy to see you in the Square to celebrate this Day together.

In anticipation of the WDMR, the Migrants and Refugees Section continues its communication campaign.

This month, the theme “it is not just about migrants” has been developed into the sub-theme “it is about the whole person and all people”. In this month’s video, the Holy Father reminds us that, through service, encounter and welcome, we give opportunities to the weakest and most vulnerable among us.

#NotJustAboutMigrants #WDMR2019
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The video, with the Pope’s own words, is available on this page, together with the Message of the Holy Father for the WDMR and all the materials of the campaign. These offer reflections, materials and resources for the promotion of pastoral activities on the themes of the WDMR, dealing with the various sub-themes through different texts and images. The previous sub-themes have been: “it’s also about our fears”, “it’s also about charity”, “it’s also about our humanity”, “it’s about not excluding anyone”, and “it is about  putting the last in first place”.

The materials on this page can be downloaded, used and shared freely.

We look forward to seeing you in St Peter’s Square on 29 September 2019! We ask you to help us extend this invitation to all those who wish to join Pope Francis and respond to His appeal in favour of the poor and suffering, the marginalised, the excluded, and all those who reside in the existential peripheries, among which we can find migrants and refugees.