March 8, International Women’s Day

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March 8, International Women’s Day

Educating girls is good for the economy.


Over 25% of the economic growth over the last 50 years in OECD countries is due to girls having increased access to higher education.

(OECD Report, 2012)


The Hour For Women has come – read the
Church’s “Letter to Women”



Majority of trafficking victims are women and girls.


Women and girls are usually trafficked for marriage and sexual slavery. People escaping from war and persecution are particularly vulnerable to becoming victims of trafficking. 

(UNODC, 2016)


No one deserves that kind of life.
Get involved


All in a day’s work.


Women and children bear most of the burden of collecting fuel and water.
In many developing countries women and children spending from 1 to 4 hours a day collecting biomass for fuel.

(WHO, 2012)


Dignity for All.
Pope John Paul II reflects on the Dignity of Women





For all those who put their lives at risk to save others. Thank you.


Listen to SIMONA (Italian Red Cross Voulnteer),

to DOMENICA (Don Bosco 2000 Volunteer),

or to FATIMA, who helps the newly arrived migrants every day.



Women and children are more likely to die during natural disasters. 


Where the socio-economic status of women is high, men and women die in roughly equal numbers during natural disasters, whereas more women than men die where the socioeconomic status of women is low.

(WHO, 2011)

Let’s leave no one behind.
Pope Francis message: “Welcoming, protecting, promoting and integrating migrants and refugees”


Dedicated to all women.
Because dignity belongs to everyone.