“We can only get out of this situation together, as a whole humanity”
Pope Francis

The M&R Section inaugurated this weekly bulletin in late March 2020 when the global COVID-19 pandemic exploded and put much of the planet under lockdown. We decided to focus on initiatives of Catholic actors all over the world who accompany vulnerable populations on the move in order to defend their rights, to offer crucial assistance, and to prevent the spread of the coronavirus within and beyond their communities.

In June, with the impact of the Coronavirus evolving and taking different forms, we added a new facet to the bulletin. We began to report on what is happening at the country and regional level, without losing the global vision of the crisis and its effects on people on the move wherever they need protection and assistance. 

Now, COVID-19 no longer looks like a temporary emergency; rather, it is like a chronic condition, part of a bigger crisis that includes issues of work, climate, conflict, displacement, etc. The Holy Father stresses that it is useless to separate social problems from ecological ones. In the same way, he reminds us it is counterproductive to think in terms of social classes, races and nationalities, because the only way to get out of these multiple crises is solidarity, which means thinking and acting as a “single human family,” in which ‘NO ONE MUST BE FORGOTTEN!’.

Adopting this perspective, our M&R Bulletin will articulate a more complex view of current challenges. It will feature initiatives of Catholic actors that are designed to ensure that post-COVID society will be more welcoming of the displaced and the vulnerable, more cooperative among all actors, and more attentive to the needs of our common home, attempting to make integral ecology a reality.

We invite you to share this newsletter freely and widely. Please send news to us of the initiatives and good practices you are involved in, so that we can pass on good examples which inspire hope in future newsletters.  

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