Bulletin: “From COVID-19 towards the future together”

Bulletin post COVID

Bulletin: “From COVID-19 towards the future together”

“May we work together to advance towards a new horizon of love and peace, of fraternity and solidarity, of mutual support and acceptance.”  Pope Francis


Pope Francis has invited the whole Church to think about a different, better “post-COVID” era, in which no one is left behind, and to build it together. For this to happen, those whose sufferings are greatest, those who are confined to the outskirts of human flourishing, and whose voice is usually ignored, must play an active, vigorous role in shaping the world to come. Those who commit to engage and assist must listen to them, learn from them and share with them. Only such a path of dialogue-based action honours the human dignity of all.

The goal of the new M&R monthly Bulletin “From COVID-19 towards the future together” is to present and analyse: 

  • The reflections and proposals of the Vatican COVID-19 Commission on the socio-economic, health, cultural and political challenges of the future.
  • The local initiatives and good practices promoted by Catholic actors throughout the world to assist the COVID-affected and marginalized groups, especially vulnerable people on the move. 


“The time has come to eliminate inequalities,” the Holy Father urges, “to heal the injustice that is undermining the health of the entire human family!”. He goes on to invite us Christians and indeed everyone to respond to the challenges facing whoever is excluded, with four active verbs – to welcome, to protect, to promote and to integrate – and thereby to help to build the Kingdom of God.