On World Day for Peace, Pope urges to keep hope alive

pope back salute Migrants and Refugees

On World Day for Peace, Pope urges to keep hope alive

The Holy Father spoke to his concern and hope for migrants and refugees for 2018 during his Angelus address on the World Day of Peace.  Here are a few highlights from his address:

I would like once again to raise my voice for these brothers and sisters, who seek a horizon of peace for their future

To find this peace, which is the right of all, many of them are willing to risk their lives in a journey which, in most cases, is long and dangerous, facing hardships and suffering

May we not extinguish hope in their hearts! … May we not stifle their expectations of peace!

It is important that everyone, civil institutions, educational and welfare organizations, and ecclesial realities are committed to ensuring refugees, migrants and everyone a future of peace

May the Lord grant us to work in this new year with generosity to create a more supportive and welcoming world


To read, watch, or listen to the Pope’s official message on the World Day for Migrants, click here.