23 March 2022 | General Audience


Paul VI Audience Hall

[…] I would like to take a minute to remember the victims of the war. The news of
displaced persons, of people fleeing, of people killed, people wounded, of so many
soldiers fallen on both sides, is news of death. Let us ask the Lord of life to deliver
us from this death of war: with war everything is lost, everything. There is no
victory in a war: everything is defeated. May the Lord send His Spirit to make us
understand that war is a defeat of humanity, to make us understand that instead
we need to defeat war. May the Spirit of the Lord free us all from this
self-destructive need that is manifested in waging war. Let us also pray that leaders
may understand that buying weapons and making weapons is not the solution to
the problem. The solution is to work together for peace and, as the Bible says, to
turn weapons into instruments for peace. Let us pray together to Our Lady: Hail
Mary… […]