28 November 2021 | Angelus


Saint Peter's Square

After the Angelus:
Dear Brothers and Sisters
Yesterday I met members of associations, groups of migrants, and people who
share their journey with a spirit of fraternity. They are here in the Square with
that large banner! Welcome! But how very many migrants are exposed, even
during these days, to great dangers, and how many lose their lives at our
borders! I feel sorrow hearing the news about the situation in which so many of
them find themselves. I think of those who died crossing the English Channel,
those on the borders of Belarus, many of whom are children, and those who
drown in the Mediterranean. There is so much sorrow when thinking about them.
Of those who are repatriated to North Africa, they are captured by traffickers
who turn them into slaves: they sell the women and torture the men… I think of
those who, also this week, have tried to cross the Mediterranean seeking a
better land and find instead their grave there; and so many others. I assure my
prayers to the migrants who find themselves in these crisis situations. Know also
that from my heart I am always close to you, in prayer and action. I thank all
the institutions both of the Catholic Church and elsewhere, especially the
national Caritas agencies and all those who are committed to alleviating their
suffering. I renew my heartfelt appeal to those who can contribute to the
resolution of these problems, especially civil and military authorities, so that
understanding and dialogue may finally prevail over any kind of
instrumentalization and guide the will and efforts towards solutions that respect
the humanity of these people. Let us remember migrants, their suffering, and let
us pray together in silence… (moment of silence). […]