28 October 2018 | Angelus


Saint Peter's Square

[…] This Word of God expresses well the experience that we have lived in the weeks
of the Synod: it was a time of comfort and of hope. Above all it was a moment of
listening: indeed, listening requires time, attention, openness of mind and heart. But
this task was transformed each day into consolation, first and foremost because we
had among us the lively and invigorating presence of young people, with their stories
and their contributions. Through the testimonies of the Synod Fathers, the manifold
reality of the new generations entered the Synod, so to speak, from all sides: from
every continent and from many diverse human and social situations.
With this fundamental approach of listening, we sought to interpret reality, to grasp
the signs of these times of ours. A communal discernment, carried out in the light of
the Word of God and of the Holy Spirit. This is one of the most beautiful gifts that the
Lord gives to the Catholic Church, namely that of gathering voices and faces from
the most varied realities and thus being able to attempt an interpretation that takes
into account the wealth and complexity of the phenomena, always in the light of the
Gospel. In these days, we thus discussed among ourselves how to walk together
through many challenges, those of the digital world, the phenomenon of migration,
the significance of the body and of sexuality, the tragedy of wars and violence.