13 October 2018 | Meeting


Sala Clementina Saturday

[…] You have said “the cross of doubt”, and I am answering you regarding the inner
doubt, the doubt that you have in your spiritual orientation. Perhaps you are also
talking about cultural doubt. But today there is not so much cultural doubt; perhaps
there are more cultural affirmations to the contrary, each has its own and I believe
that humanity is lacking the ability to doubt well. The big issues …: think about the
doubt about war, about migrations … These are doubts to be taken seriously,
because otherwise, in these areas, the problem is resolved not with an inner search,
but according to the interests of every nation, of every society, of every people. Then
the lack of these doubts is ugly, because it makes you always safe, without asking
the problem … It is a cross, doubt, but it is a cross that brings you closer to Jesus
and puts you in crisis. And as you said – here it is written -: “what concrete actions
can we put into practice every day so that our daily life nourishes this journey of
reliance? “. The concrete action is the dialogue with the person who accompanies
you, the dialogue with the superior, the dialogue with the companions. But open
dialogue, sincere dialogue, concrete things. And above all the dialogue with the Lord:
“Lord, what do you want to tell me with what you make me feel, with this desolation,
with this doubt? …”. Take doubt as an invitation to seek the truth, to seek an
encounter with Jesus Christ: this is the real doubt. All right? […]