Emergency Situations Tigray, Ethiopia (emergency)

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Since the violence began in early-November 2020, an estimated 2.1 million people have been displaced due to the ongoing fighting in Ethiopia’s Tigray region. Many are women and children. Most left with barely any belongings and arrived exhausted from walking long distances over harsh terrain, while the number of children suffering severe acute malnutrition is rising on a weekly basis. 

As of October 21, 2021, as the Tigray conflict is about to enter its second year, the situation has remained volatile and unpredictable, with some 5.2 million people in need. 63,110 Ethiopian refugees were recorded in Sudan. The majority have crossed into the country through Hamdayet border point in Kassala State (46,462) and at Lugdi in Gedaref State (15,646). 

Additionally, prior to the outbreak of the ongoing crisis, the Tigray region hosted some 96,000 refugees from Eritrea and 100,000 Ethiopian IDPs. Today, the Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia are about 182,000 – 22% of the total refugee population.


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