Eid in Social corner Ušivak

Eid in Social corner Ušivak

Live dialog to enhance respect among each other and solidarity in overcoming problems in everyday life is one of tasks of the Catholic Church!

Social corner for migrants living in camp Ušivak in Hadžići, just a 20 kilometres from Sarajevo is a project of Caritas Bosnia and Herzegovina implemented with partners Youth center for pastoral work in Archdiocese Vrhbosna in Sarajevo and Museum of War childhood. The activities are organized by partnering organization volunteers, with primarily activity like distribution of hot tea, distribution of non-food and food items and workshops with specific goal. 

On Thursday, May 13 in this corner is organized distribution of backpacks with sweets for all children under 15. This distribution is organized on Eid, the most holly holiday among Muslim population. 

In document Refugees – solidarity challenge has been said “The Church offers his love and support for refugees without any distinction to religion or race, respecting in every human being dignity, made from God”. Indeed, the majority population in camp are Muslims, and this celebration has been an attempt to celebrate with them the way they celebrated at home this holly holiday. 

After all children got the sweet package, all of them had an opportunity to eat, drink and sing with staff in corner.  Although the Social corner is under the Catholic Church, that fact does not exclude the fact that we all need to increase respect and solidarity among all of us, and overcome problems of everyday life. 

This contact with amazing people from different countries with their traditions and culture will result the enrichment of all of us, those who give and those who receive.

To remind everyone, the corner is opened with support of our good Pope Francis who gave us means to make friendship with those amazing people and to support them in every way we can.