New video towards WDMR2020: Pope Francis invites us “to collaborate in order to build”

New video towards WDMR2020: Pope Francis invites us “to collaborate in order to build”

The 106th World Day of Migrants and Refugees (WDMR) will be celebrated next Sunday 27 September 2020

With the theme “Forced like Jesus Christ to flee”, Pope Francis urges us to discover the reality of internally displaced people more deeply and invites us to celebrate the WDMR in our community. As an aid to preparing, we are sending you the latest video produced by the Migrants and Refugees Section for this year’s communication campaign. 

Every month, a new video of Pope Francis and other multimedia materials have delved into the one of the sub-themes present in the Message of the Holy Father. The sub-themes have been “To know in order to understand”, “To be close in order serve”, “To listen in order to be reconciled”, “To share in order to grow” and “To involve in order to promote”.

Today, we invite you to watch the last newly released video, in which the Holy Father explores the sixth sub-theme “To collaborate in order to build”. It offers real-life testimony of an internally displaced person who describes how she was able to rebuild her life thanks to the help and collaboration she received. 

In the video, the Holy Father urges us to collaborate “perfectly united in mind and thoughts”, as Saint Paul urges. 

The video, the suggestions for the celebration of the Day and the material available via the link below can be freely downloaded, published, used and shared:


The Migrants and Refugees Section is happy to receive video, photos and other accounts of the celebration of the WDMR in your community.  The material can be sent to