This booklet presents teaching, reflections and guidance of Pope Francis regarding migrants and refugees. It contains a Message from the Holy Father and twenty action priorities in two versions. One is meant for active pastoral engagement with migrants and refugees. The other expanded presentation is for use in advocacy and negotiation with national governments to influence the Global Compacts on Migrants and on Refugees currently being developed.

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The Migrants & Refugees Section of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development here presents a set of 20 Pastoral Action Points and 20 Action Points for the Global Compacts, providing concrete leads for implementing the four actions – to welcome, to protect, to promote, to integrate – in the attitudes and actions of Christian communities and of all those concerned with those who are forced to flee, and in international and national policies.

Instituted by Pope Paul VI in 1968, the World Day of Peace is celebrated each year on the 1st of January. The Pope gives a special Message for the occasion. It indicates the Holy See’s diplomatic emphasis during the coming year and is sent to all the foreign ministries around the world. For 2018, Pope Francis has written about “Migrants and refugees: seekers of peace”.