28 May 2014 | General Audience


St. Peter's Square

In Jordan I thanked the Authorities and the people for their efforts in welcoming the many refugees from war torn areas, a humanitarian effort that deserves and requires the constant support of the international Community. I was struck by the generosity of the Jordanian people in welcoming refugees, the many who flee from war in that area. May the Lord bless this welcoming people, may he greatly bless them! And we must pray that the Lord bless this hospitality and ask all international institutions to help them in this work of hospitality that they are carrying out. During the pilgrimage to other places, too, I encouraged the respective authorities to continue in their efforts to ease tensions in the Middle East, especially in martyred Syria, and to continue to seek a just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Therefore, I invited the President of Israel and the President of Palestine, both men of peace and peacemakers, to come to the Vatican to pray together with me for peace. And please, I ask you not to leave us alone: pray, pray much that the Lord may give us peace, that He may give us peace in that blessed Land! I am counting on your prayers. Be strong in prayer at this time, pray intently that peace may come.[…]

[…]I especially turn my thoughts to the young people, the sick and newlyweds. We are about to conclude the Marian month. May the Mother of God, dear young people, be your refuge in the most difficult moments; may she sustain you, dear sick people, in courageously confronting your daily cross; and may she be your point of reference, dear newlyweds, so that you family may be a domestic hearth of prayer and mutual understanding. Thank you.