22 December 2021 | General Audience


Paul VI Audience Hall

During my visit to Cyprus and Greece, I was able to once again personally touch
wounded humanity in refugees and migrants. I also noted how only some
European countries are bearing most of the consequences of this migratory
phenomenon in the Mediterranean area, while in reality, a shared responsibility
is necessary from which no country can exempt itself. In particular, thanks to the
generous openness of the Italian authorities, I was able to bring to Rome a
group of people I met during my journey: some of them are here among us
today. Welcome! As a Church, we will take care of them during the coming
months. This is a small sign that I hope will serve as a stimulus for other
European countries, so that they might allow the local ecclesial communities to
take care of other brothers and sisters who are in urgent need of being
In fact, there are many local Churches, religious congregations and Catholic
organizations who are ready to welcome and accompany them toward a fruitful
integration. All that is needed is an open door!