26 August 2020 | General Audience


Library of the Apostolic Palace

[…] Social inequality and environmental degradation go together and have the
same root (cf. Encyclical, Laudato Si’ , 101): the sin of wanting to possess and
wanting to dominate over one’s brothers and sisters, of wanting to possess and
dominate nature and God himself. But this is not the design for creation. […]
[…] When the obsession to possess and dominate excludes millions of persons
from having primary goods; when economic and technological inequality are
such that the social fabric is torn; and when dependence on unlimited material
progress threatens our common home, then we cannot stand by and watch. No,
this is distressing. We cannot stand by and watch! With our gaze fixed on Jesus
(cf. Heb 12:2) and with the certainty that His love is operative through the
community of His disciples, we must act all together, in the hope of generating
something different and better. Christian hope, rooted in God, is our anchor. It
moves the will to share, strengthening our mission as disciples of Christ, who
shared everything with us. […]
[…] And in conclusion, let us think about the children. Read the statistics: how
many children today are dying of hunger because of a non good distribution of
riches, because of the economic system as I said above; and how many children
today do not have the right to education for the same reason. May this image of
children in want due to hunger and the lack of education help us understand that
after this crisis we must come out of it better. Thank you. […]