6 March 2022 | Angelus


Saint Peter's Square

After the Angelus:
Dear brothers and sisters,
Rivers of blood and tears are flowing in Ukraine. It is not merely a military
operation, but a war, which sows death, destruction and misery. The number of
victims is increasing, as are the people fleeing, especially mothers and children. The
need for humanitarian assistance in that troubled country is growing dramatically
by the hour.
I make a heartfelt appeal for humanitarian corridors to be genuinely secured, and
for aid to be guaranteed and access facilitated to the besieged areas, in order to
offer vital relief to our brothers and sisters oppressed by bombs and fear.
I thank all those who are taking in refugees. Above all, I implore that the armed
attacks cease and that negotiation – and common sense – prevail. And that
international law be respected once again!
And I would also like to thank the journalists who put their lives at risk to provide
information. Thank you, brothers and sisters, for this service! A service that allows
us to be close to the tragedy of that population and enables us to assess the cruelty
of a war. Thank you, brothers and sisters.
Let us pray together for Ukraine: we have its flags in front of us. Let us pray
together, as brothers and sisters, to Our Lady, Queen of Ukraine. Hail Mary…
The Holy See is ready to do everything, to put itself at the service of this peace. In
these days, two Cardinals went to Ukraine, to serve the people, to help. Cardinal
Krajewski, the Almoner, to bring aid to the needy, and Cardinal Czerny, interim
Prefect of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development. The presence
of the two Cardinals there is the presence not only of the Pope, but of all the
Christian people who want to get closer and say: “War is madness! Stop, please!
Look at this cruelty!”. […]