12 December 2021 | Angelus


Saint Peter's Square

After the Angelus, the Holy Father continued:
[…] I also extend best wishes to Caritas Internationalis which is celebrating its
70th anniversary. It’s young. It needs to grow and get stronger! Throughout
the world, Caritas is the Church’s loving hand outstretched to the poor and most
vulnerable, in whom Christ is present. I invite you to carry your service forward
with humility and creativity so as to reach the most marginalised and to foster
integral development as the antidote to a “throw-away” culture and indifference.
In particular, I encourage your international “Together We” campaign, founded
on the strength of the community in promoting the care of creation and the poor.
The wounds inflicted on our common home have devastating effects on the
least. But communities can contribute to the necessary ecological conversion.
This is why I invite you to join Caritas Internationalis’ campaign. And you, dear
friends of Caritas Internationalis, continue your work in streamlining the
organisation so that the money doesn’t go to the organisation but to the poor.
Streamline the organisation well. […]