16 November 2014 | Angelus


Saint Peter's Square

After the Angelus:

Dear brothers and sisters, these days in Rome there have been rather strong tensions between residents and immigrants. These are facts which are occurring in various European cities, especially in neighbouring suburbs marked by other difficulties. I ask the Institutions at all levels to address as a priority what now constitutes a social emergency and which, if not appropriately addressed as quickly as possible, risks degenerating ever further. May the Christian community be committed in a practical way to prevent conflict and bring about encounter. Citizens and immigrants, with representatives of institutions, can meet one another, even in a parish hall, and speak together about the situation. The important thing is not to give in to the temptation of conflict, but to reject all violence. It is possible to dialogue, to listen, to plan together, and in this manner to overcome suspicion and prejudice and to build an ever more secure, peaceful and inclusive coexistence.[…]