13 October 2019 | Angelus


Saint Peter's Square

And my thoughts go once more to the Middle East. In particular to the beloved and tormented Syria, from which tragic news is once again arriving with regard to the fate of the populations in the North-East of the country, forced to abandon their homes due to military actions: among these populations there are also many Christian families. To all the actors involved and also to the International Community: please, I renew my appeal to commit yourselves, with sincerity, with honesty and with transparency on the path of dialogue to seek effective solutions. Together with all the members of the Synod of Bishops for the Pan-Amazon Region, especially those from Ecuador, I am following with concern what has been happening in recent weeks in that country. I entrust to the common prayer and to the intercession of the new Saints, and I join in the grief for the dead, for those who are injured and missing. I encourage the seeking of social peace, with particular attention to the most vulnerable populations, to the poor and to human rights.