23 December 2018 | Angelus


Saint Peter's Square

After the Angelus, the Holy Father added:
Dear brothers and sisters, at this moment my thoughts go to the peoples of
Indonesia, struck by violent natural disasters, which have caused serious losses of
human life, many displaced and homeless people and enormous material damage. I
invite everyone to join me in prayer for the victims and their loved ones. I am
spiritually close to those who have been displaced and all the people afflicted,
imploring God for relief in their suffering. I launch an appeal that these brothers and
sisters not lack our solidarity and the support of the international community.
Let us pray together … Hail Mary….
I greet all of you, faithful of Rome and pilgrims from Italy and from other countries.
The day after tomorrow will be Christmas and my thoughts turn particularly to
families, who are reuniting in these days: those who live far away from their parents
set out and return home; siblings try to meet again…. At Christmas it is beautiful
and important to be together as a family.
But so many people do not have this opportunity, for various reasons; and today I
wish to address in a particular way all those who are far from their families and from
their land. Dear brothers and sisters, our heavenly Father does not forget you and
does not abandon you. If you are Christians, I hope you may find a true family in the
Church, where you may feel the warmth of fraternal love. And to all, those who are
far from their families, Christians and non-Christians, I say: the doors of the Christian
community are open; Jesus is born for everyone and gives God’s love to everyone. I
wish you a happy Sunday. Do not forget to pray for me. Enjoy your lunch. Arrivederci!