16 September 2018 | Angelus


Saint Peter's Square

After the Angelus, Pope Francis continued:
Today, two days after the Feast of the Holy Cross, I wanted to give a Crucifix to you
who are here in the Square. Here it is [holding it up]. The Crucifix is a sign of the
love of God who in Jesus gave his life for us. I invite you to accept this gift and bring
it into your homes, to the rooms of your children or of your grandparents …
anywhere, but so that it can be seen in the home. It is not a decorative object but a
religious symbol for contemplation and prayer. In looking at Jesus Crucified, we are
looking at our salvation. It is free of charge. If someone tells you that you have to
pay, he is a swindler! No, nothing! This is a gift from the Pope! I thank the nuns, the
poor people and the refugees who are now distributing this small but precious gift!
As always, faith comes from the little ones, from the humble. […]