25 September 2022 | Angelus


XXI Settembre Municipal Stadium (Matera)

At the end of this celebration, I would like to thank all of you who have taken part,
representing the holy People of God in Italy. And I am grateful to Cardinal Zuppi,
who acted as its spokesperson. I congratulate the diocesan community of
Matera-Irsina for the organizational and welcoming effort, and I thank everyone
who collaborated in this Eucharistic Congress.
Now, before concluding, let us turn to the Virgin Mary, Eucharistic Woman. We
entrust to her the journey of the Church in Italy, so that in every community the
fragrance of Christ the living Bread descended from Heaven may be felt. Today I
would dare to ask for Italy: more births, more children. And we invoke her maternal
intercession for the world’s most urgent needs.
I think, in particular, of Myanmar. For more than two years that noble country has
been martyred by serious armed clashes and violence, which have caused many
victims and displaced persons. This week I heard the cry of grief at the death of
children in a bombed school. We see that in today’s world there is a trend of
bombing schools. May the cry of these little ones not go unheard! These tragedies
must not happen!
Mary, Queen of Peace, comfort the martyred Ukrainian people and obtain from the
heads of Nations the will power to immediately find effective initiatives to bring the
war to an end.
I join in the appeal of the bishops of Cameroon for the liberation of some people
kidnapped in the Diocese of Mamfe, including five priests and a religious sister. I
pray for them and for the populations of the ecclesiastical province of Bamenda:
may the Lord give peace to hearts and to the social life of that dear country.
Today, this Sunday, the Church celebrates World Day of Migrants and Refugees, on
the theme: “Building the future with migrants and refugees”. Let us renew our
commitment to building the future in accordance with God’s plan: a future in which
every person may find his or her place and be respected; in which migrants,
refugees, displaced persons and the victims of human trafficking may live in peace
and with dignity. Because the Kingdom of God is fulfilled with them, without
exclusion. It is also thanks to those brothers and sisters that communities can grow
on a social, economic, cultural and spiritual level; and the sharing of diverse
traditions enriches the People of God. Let us all work together to build a more
inclusive and fraternal future! Migrants must be welcomed, accompanied, supported
and integrated.