26 March 2022 | Address of His Holiness


Paul VI Hall

[…] I have heard that you are committing yourselves also to the service of the
many brothers and sisters who have fled Ukraine because of the war. I thank you
for this. We hope and pray that this war – which is shameful for all of us, for all of
humanity – will come to an end as soon as possible. It is unacceptable; every day
that it continues, adds more death and destruction. Many people have mobilized to
help the refugees. Ordinary people, especially in neighboring countries, but also
here in Italy, where thousands of Ukrainians have arrived and continue to arrive.
Your contribution is valuable: it is a practical, artisanal way of building peace. And I
agree with what the president said, talking about European Civil Protection: Europe
is providing a response to this war, not only at the level of high institutions, but also
at the level of civil society, of voluntary associations like yours. This way of reacting
is fundamental and indispensable, since it regenerates the human and social fabric,
in the presence of a wound so serious and so great as that caused by the war. We
must help the Ukrainian refugees, not only at this moment, but later, when the
memory of the war fades away, because at that time they will have more difficulties
than now: because now we are all together, and then … We must think about the
future, and it is not easy. […]