Emergency Situations The Balkan Route (emergency)

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The Western Balkan Route is one of the main migratory pathways into Europe. Since mid-2018, transit corridors from Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Serbia, as well as through Albania and Montenegro, via Bosnia and Herzegovina became one of the most travelled mixed migration routes in the Western Balkans, with approximately 81,155 people arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina since early 2018. 60% of these migrants rely on traffickers, while 40% walk alone, facing countless dangers. 

UNHCR has estimated a total of 26,280 mixed movements in the Western Balkans in 2021. By the end of October 2021, it was estimated that 10,756 asylum seekers, refugees and other mixed movements were in the Region.  Of these, around two hundred are unaccompanied children. 

Migrants and refugees stuck along the Balkan Route are in desperate need of adequate shelter, warm clothes, nutritious food and medical assistance. Their already precarious situation has been further tested due to frigid temperatures and COVID-19 health emergency.

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