Situations d'urgence Tigray, Ethiopia (urgence)

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Since violence began in early November 2020, an estimated 4.1 million people have been displaced and over 1.5 million IDPs have returned home, largely as a result of the ongoing conflict in northern Ethiopia and localized conflicts and tensions in different parts of the country. Most displaced people leave their homes with barely any belongings and arrive exhausted from walking long distances over harsh terrain, while the number of children suffering severe acute malnutrition is rising on a weekly basis. 

Ethiopia hosts over 823,000 refugees and asylum-seekers predominantly from South Sudan, Somalia and Eritrea. The majority lives in 24 refugee camps established across five regional states. Today, the Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia number about 182,000 – 22% of the total refugee population.

Over 70,000 others also reside in the capital Addis Ababa as urban refugees. 47% of the refugees are women and girls, while 59% are children. 

63,110 Ethiopian refugees were recorded in Sudan. The majority have crossed into the country through Hamdayet border point in Kassala State (46,462) and at Lugdi in Gedaref State (15,646). 

The Holy Father addressed the escalation of violence in Ethiopia urging for a path of peace, while inviting all Ethiopians “to the prayer and to the fraternal respect for dialogue and the peaceful resolution of discord.”

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