Situations d'urgence Îles Égéennes, Grèce (urgence)

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According to the UNHCR, a total of 7,879 asylum seekers arrived in Greece via Turkey in 2021. Of these, 3,568 arrived by sea and 4,311 by land. The majority arrived in the region of Evros and on the island of Lesbos. 

Some 6,650 refugees and asylum seekers resided on the Aegean islands at the end of August 2021. Of those, 4,700 (77%) reside in the permanent and temporary Reception and Identification Centers (RICs). The majority of the population are from Afghanistan (48%), Syria (13%) and DRC (10%). Women account for 21% of the population, and children for 29% of whom nearly 7 out of 10 are younger than 12 years old. Approximately 12% of the children are unaccompanied or separated, mainly from Afghanistan. 

Periodically, a certain number of refugees and asylum-seekers, once permitted by the authorities, moved from the Aegean islands to the mainland.

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